Making Start-up and Micro Businesses Better Since 1990

by Joy Johnson

The Inner Office, Inc. is a business support center, providing a full range of services. We include virtually every service a small business needs: Bookkeeping, Payroll Preparation, and Taxes of every kind.  Come when you’re thinking of starting a business and stay until you sell it.  We’ll share new ideas, help you keep up with the ever-changing market place, help you develop goals, monitor your progress, coach you, cheer you, pat you on the back, and help you find the silver lining in every black cloud that comes your way.  We’re here to help you grow the strongest, biggest business your goals can define.

As far as office mechanics goes, we’ll send out the bills, collect the payments, take them to the bank, pay the bills, do the payroll, payroll taxes, sales taxes, and income taxes, prepare reports as often as you want them, provide the technology, the paper, and the postage. We’ll make calls on your behalf as needed to keep your business running smoothly. We’ll deal with Accounts Payable and Receivable questions, the insurance company and the Worker’s Comp audits. After that, we take it one step further. We help you set budgets and goals. Then we help you stay within those budgets and meet those goals.

Since life is a finite thing, spend it doing the things that only you can do, the things you do best, and the things you love to do. That will keep you passionate. Staying passionate will make you succeed. Delegate or outsource the rest, if at all possible.

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