by Joy Johnson

Income Tax Preparation
We are not an “on the spot” preparation service. We take our time to make sure we’ve dug for every possible thing that can help you while making sure we comply with the laws that affect us – and there are a whole lot more, and more stringent, laws in that area. Therefore we suggest that you bring in what you have once you’ve gotten the majority of your information in so we can get started on it because there will be questions.


We offer installation, training, and ongoing support for most small business software, both desktop and online.  We participate in QuickBooks’ Pro Advisor program and will be happy to help you choose and use the correct software for your needs.  We provide real-time assistance by using GoToMyPc, or a similar program of your choosing to help you overcome challenges and learn.

If you’re not ready for computerized bookkeeping, we’ll help you devise and maintain a manual system that meets your needs.  Yes, people do still keep books manually – and sometimes that’s still the best way.


From helping your brainstorm your concepts to deciding the best way to implement your small or micro startup, we’ve got you covered.  Call for your free half-hour consultation today.

All we’ll need from you is a set of guidelines determining how you’d like your business run.

 A quick call, fax, message, or e-mail is all it will take for you to adjust the course we take in responding to your business needs. Since everything can be done by fax, phone, e-mail, or UPS, it takes very little of your time. We’ll make it as painless and as quick as possible – we promise!  As us about our new remote access programs.  You do what you want when you can and we do the rest.

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