2017 – 18 Filing Season Updates

by Joy Johnson on February 10, 2018


If you’re an existing client, you’ve received a letter letting you know that I have health issues and how we plan to handle them.  I didn’t find out until late in December and didn’t get my final diagnosis in early January.  It was a totally unexpected diagnosis since I’ve had no health issues outside of a sore back and I’ve had zero time to prepare.

Yes, I’m still doing taxes.  No, I’m not taking any new clients – not even by referral – this season.  Yes, it’s okay and I understand if you want to go elsewhere.  The office will be open for walk-in traffic Monday and either Tuesday or Thursday given the week. You can make appointments for Friday or Saturday as well.  We have installed a Locked Drop Box outside to make life a little easier and more flexible.  Yes someone could pry it off the wall or crowbar it open but short of that, your data should be safe.  It is a risk assumed by you if you use it.  I would think it to be at least as secure as mail in your mailbox but I can offer no assurances.  There will be one or two weeks during the season when the office is closed although I will be having someone pulling in the mail and anything dropped off.  We will also return phone calls during these periods.  The first period of closure will be Jan 15- 20th, then only open by appointment the rest of that week in the evenings.


The while tax picture is a disaster right now.  Besides the Giant Tax Gift to the Rich just signed into law, which is full of cavities, loopholes, and other flaws that will undoubtedly change dozens of times between now and next filing season, the new budget that just passed reinstated some of the deductions the Gift to the Rich took away – which is good except now we’re mid-February and all of the tax software has to be rewritten.  Returns already filed may need to be amended.  I’ve checked those that have gone out from The Inner Office so far and as of this day, 2/10/18 none will be affected by the new changes.


I truly thank you from every molecule of my heart for your outpouring of support!  I always thought of myself as a once-a-year visit – albeit for some of you more than 20 years – that most of you dreaded like crazy but I’m being treated more like “family” and I can not sufficiently express my gratitude.

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